ZeusDraw Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch

ZeusDraw Mobile is a professional drawing program for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It works for anything from doodling on a photo to serious drawing.

ZeusDraw Mobile 2.3 requires iPhone/iPod Touch iOS 4.2.

New in Version 2.3

  • Printing - You can now print your drawings to any AirPrint enabled printer.

  • Improved Freehand Drawing - ZeusDraw Mobile 2.3 has a new graphics system for greatly improved freehand drawing performanace on devices with Retina displays.

New in Version 2.0

  • Complete undo/redo - You can now undo all the way back to the beginning of your drawing. ZeusDraw Mobile remembers the undo's even if you save and reopen the drawing.

  • Email from within the program - You can email your drawing as png, jpeg or pdf, without leaving the program. When you email a drawing as pdf, the pdf retains the vector character of anything (lines, shapes, text) that was originally vector so you can make large prints without a loss of quality.

  • Support for copy and paste

  • Revised Zoom tool - the Zoom tool now works with a pinch (like the zoom in the photo library).

  • Additional shapes and brushes

ZeusDraw Mobile Features

  • Smoothed drawing - with many programs, if you move you finger quickly, your line turns into an unpleasant looking polygon. ZeusDraw Mobile's freehand tool can turn these into nice smooth curves or smoothly drawn filled areas for you. (You can control the degree of smoothing or turn it off if you like.)

  • Editing - it's hard to get things exactly right the first time - especially on a small gadget! Use the iPhone's multi-touch capability to place, scale or rotate what you just drew.

  • Text - any font, any orientation. Tap to show where you want text to go or drag a line to show the size and orientation of your text, and then use the keyboard to enter your text..

  • Brushes - add texture or interesting effects to your drawing with ZeusDraw's brushes. Use them with transparent colors to get watercolor-like effects.

  • Color - customizable palette including transparent colors.

  • Eraser - any of the drawing tools, including text, can be used as an eraser. Erasures can be edited with multi-touch just like drawn elements.

  • Picture in Picture - you can, of course, use one of your photos as a background, but you can also import pictures to use as elements in your drawing and place, scale and rotate them like any other drawing element.

  • Shapes - selection of predefined shapes.

  • Zoom - zoom in to at work at up to 3x.

The above two drawings were created by Deborah McMillion Nering using ZeusDraw Mobile. See more of her work at www.hotelmidnight.com.

ZeusDraw Mobile is US $0.99 at the iTunes App Store .